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The Hired Guns are building out a growth-oriented multi-functional team for an e-commerce ultra-performer, and now we’re helping them find their new Director of E-Commerce Analytics. If you’ve got the rare insight and experience to transform an entire Fortune 500 company’s take on data as a driver of success, you may be the next analytics mastermind for this multi-billion-dollar business. (Relocation available.)The Nitty GrittyThe backstory on the organization and why they need to hire you!This company is upping their data and analytics game in a major way, and they need a very special thought leader to standardize analytics practices across the enterprise and evangelize “data awareness” throughout the entire leadership of the organization. As the Director of E-Commerce Analytics, you’ll unify data collection, analysis, and insights for the product and merchandising teams, driving improvements from the top of the on-site/in-app conversion funnel all the way to the shopping cart and through to the post-transaction experience.Once you begin to standardize best practices, monumental opportunities will open up to create a modern data and analytics program. Your mandate is to educate the organization so that everyone from the C-suite on down can use these programs to drive the business. Once that’s accomplished, your next challenge will be shifting analytics to a “self-serve” model, teaching managers to generate their own insights from automated reports and dashboards.The task is considerable, because this is a top-tier e-commerce company with a kajillion SKUs and an aggressive promotional calendar. Multivariate everything is the name of the game as you help the organization generate insights that will point the way to massive conversion gains across an enormous product catalog.Why You?How you’ll know if you’re a fit…This retail icon’s new focus on metrics demands a true data and analytics expert with 10+ years’ related experience who has brought data discipline, integrity and governance into another big e-commerce player, successfully transforming how a big organization thought about data. You’ve established KPIs for success, assessed them in Adobe Analytics or a similar platform, and evangelized data-driven decision-making throughout a top-rank e-commerce player.Like all the best coaches, you’re a mix of thought leader, learner, and servant. You can illustrate for others that data is the must-have cornerstone for creating winning strategies that surprise and delight customers.The Inside SkinnyWhy you should quit your job right now and join this organization!You’ve done great work already in your career. You’ve got a genuine point of view on data as the power tool for e-commerce dominance. But until now, you haven’t had a stage big enough for your ideas. Well, we’re about to raise the curtain!The Hired Guns does not and will not discriminate in considering and referring candidates for employment, or in its treatment or advancement of its employees, and will not tolerate harassment, on the basis of race, color, religion, gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

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