Director of Strength & Conditioning

D’Youville University Buffalo, NY Full-time Health Care Provider The Director of Strength and Conditioning is a full-time position responsible for managing, leading and overseeing all aspects related to the operations of the Strength & Conditioning Department. The position requires a high degree of knowledge, experience, passion, and enthusiasm to help develop D’Youville student-athletes to reach their highest potential mentally and physically. All programming in strength & conditioning should focus on injury prevention and prepare our student-athletes to meet and exceed the demands of the sport and modified to meet the athlete’s position requirements.The position prepares 18 teams on campus throughout the year with a staff comprised of the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Fellowship Coach and the Strength and Conditioning Graduate Assistant.The facility features six dual sided Hammer Strength Half Combo Racks with over 30 different attachments, men’s and women’s Olympic bars, power bars and Hex bars, over 280 bumper plates ranging from 2.5lbs-45lbs, 2 sets of kettlebells ranging from 9lbs-62lbs, 4 sets of custom branded dumbbells ranging from 5lbs-100lbs, and ample medicine balls, plyo boxes, TRX bands, rollers, exercise balls, balance pads, stretch bands, sleds and battle ropes. The facility also includes state-of-the-art rubberized flooring with branded inlaid platforms, two 35-yard turf lanes, LED color changing lighting, sound system, locker cubbies, and branding graphics. In addition to the strength and conditioning facility, the Saints added a fueling station for student-athletes that will allow them to stay hydrated and fueled for NCAA Division II competition.Tasks/Duties Performed:The Director of Strength and Conditioning will be responsible for all phases of program development for 18 NCAA Division II teams.Oversees programming that includes Olympic lifts, functional strength and power exercises, flexibility and pliability for body management, balance and coordination, quality of movement and athleticism, and linear and multi-directional speed development exercises to meet the demands of the athlete’s position, level, event and sport.Instructs the team, group or individual student-athletes in the safe, correct, optimized and efficient execution of exercises to obtain the desired results as well as ensure the health, and mental and physical safety of the student-athlete.Instructs student-athletes in safe and effective spotting techniques and procedures to optimize the effects of the exercise.Instructs student-athletes in body management such as correctives, pre-habilitation, and re-generation exercises to reduce unnecessary injuries, and increase in consistency and confidence in competitive performance.Responsible for all phases of managing and developing staff of assistant, graduate and intern-level strength & conditioning coaches.Cooperative and collaborative interaction with department, campus members and sports coaches for an integrated team approach.Responsible for oversight of strength & conditioning spaces, including identification of equipment needs and maintenance.Participation in fundraising and revenue generation activities as needed.Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Strength and Conditioning or related field.Certification from National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) or Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA).CPR certification.Minimum of 2 years’ experience in positions involving the development and management of sport-specific individual and group training programs for men and women.Ability to work non-traditional business hours including evenings, weekends and holidays when necessary.Strong interpersonal, organizational, written and oral communication skills.Knowledge of NCAA rules, education and training.Ability to execute supervisory techniques, leadership training, and appropriate team operation.Knowledge of appropriate computer programs as they relate to the position.

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