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The Hired Guns seek a Head of People and Culture for an innovative experiential design firm. You’ll recruit the best people, train them up, and construct an HR pipeline amid a culture that keeps their work meaningful and intriguing.The Nitty GrittyThe backstory on the organization and why they need to hire you!This company excites clients with experiential marketing, and their new Head of People and Culture will invigorate employees the same way: by giving them an unforgettable experience.Procuring talent, developing departments, upgrading the compensation plan, and creating direction for the organization: your cultural initiatives will make this a truly great place to work. That doesn’t mean ping-pong and free dry-cleaning, it means outlining career paths so every team member feels valued.You’ll join a team of trusted advisors under the founder’s truly rare leadership (and mandate: “It’s time I invested in my employees as my greatest resource”). Creating clear milestones for individuals as well as teams, you’ll chart a transparent, consistent road to performance goals. Employees will be comfortable approaching you with pain points, obstacles, ideas, and aspirations…and in awe that you’re already aware of them. This is an office where “accountability and autonomy are taught, mentored, and expected.”The QuestWhat success looks like in your first year…“Our goal is not to triple the company,” says your new favorite boss, “but to make it a place where people are excited to work because of amazing projects and a great environment.”From day one, you’ll get personally acquainted with the people and company culture, which will demonstrate the new priority of speedy problem-solving. As the mediating voice between employees and senior management, you’ll gain the confidence and respect of both as you bring in fresh blood, staunch turnover, and develop progress goals for all employees and departments.Why You?How you’ll know if you’re a fit…Though you’re approachable and empathetic as a performance developer, you have the gravitas of experience building HR practices from scratch. Your highest responsibility is to roll up your sleeves and serve the team, but also to delegate wisely when someone else is more qualified. You trust and value that other people have other visions and that their experiences may spawn new and better approaches to work.You know how to elevate the artistic and cultural elements that make this company’s work so singular (maybe even hailing from an arts institution or museum). You pay attention to the little and not-so-little things that make an organization an inspiring place to be. You’re probably at a bigger company of 100+ employees looking to scale it down and give individuals the attention they deserve, taking entrepreneurial ownership that will increase your impact.Tell Me About a Time When …The interview questions you need to rock to score a “swipe right”…What are your experiences finding new talent, and how do you develop it?Tell us about your past successes in retaining, rewarding, and advancing top talent.What are the essentials for a great compensation plan? Have you created or rebuilt a comp plan before?The Inside SkinnyWhy you should quit your job right now and join this organization!It’s a brilliant opportunity to invent a better form of people management by implementing ideas that will make employees happier and more tight-knit. It’s a highly innovative company seeking an innovative you!The Hired Guns does not and will not discriminate in considering and referring candidates for employment, or in its treatment or advancement of its employees, and will not tolerate harassment, on the basis of race, color, religion, gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

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