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The Hired Guns are seeking a Head of Product Management for a WYSIWYG SaaS platform that’s revolutionizing how content is created.The Nitty GrittyThe backstory on the organization and why they need to hire you!This content creation platform startup has an all-in mentality, and users rave about their easy-to-use, flexible features that help creators build almost anything on the web. Now they want a tactical Head of Product Management to turn the Chief Product Officer’s vision into reality: 2020 is coming fast, and with it an accessibility initiative to make the platform available to people with disabilities.An equally huge project will be new tiered versions of the CMS, so that small-to-midsize businesses and freemium individual users can join in the fun. Existing enterprise accounts will also see the light on buying new seats for users other than their designers. Your part in this expansive sales plan is to craft new APIs that open up the accessibility of the CMS to all levels of business and user experience.The QuestWhat success looks like in your first year…After quickly familiarizing yourself with the existing product’s offerings, you’ll get into some heavy-duty product and business planning side-by-side with the CPO and CEO. Then you’ll draw the roadmap to the next incarnation with a scalable, achievable plan of attack.Why You?How you’ll know if you’re a fit…Your magic playbook can build up an entire product organization from scratch, establishing repeatable process to increase efficiency and transparency through development. You’ll structure teams by distributed competencies, with one team delighting the designer, another in charge of back-office enterprise admin, etc. all harmonized with design and engineering.Your product management experience is almost wholly UX or visual design on a B2B SaaS, and you can point to several successes due to your empathetic leadership and strategy evangelization. Directors of Product Management and VP and SVPs of Product are warmly invited to apply.Tell Me About a Time When …The interview questions you need to rock to score a “swipe right”…Describe how you built a product organization from scratch, and created an execution strategy to align with an existing roadmap.How were you able to execute new features on an existing B2B SaaS product to create new revenue opportunities?How have you prioritized an existing product roadmap and fostered transparency and understanding of the roadmap throughout an organization?The Inside SkinnyWhy you should quit your job right now and join this organization!The team that’s building this content creation platform works hard, plays hard, then works harder. This is a fantastic opportunity for a product management genius to have a measurable impact that will be directly attributable to your talent and efforts, both during the current startup phase and the coming scale-up.The Hired Guns does not and will not discriminate in considering and referring candidates for employment, or in its treatment or advancement of its employees, and will not tolerate harassment, on the basis of race, color, religion, gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

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